If you're looking to save on your next vehicle, come into our Mansfield OH location to shop our selection of used Toyota models! We've got many for you to pick from, a variety of model years, and competitive used vehicle specials. You really cannot go wrong with any used Toyota you want to take around Wooster or Ashland OH, but here are some to watch for.

If you want a lot of options...

One of the perks about buying a particular new model is that you'll usually have several in stock to pick from. Used inventory is typically a different story, but we do have a large selection of used Toyota RAV4 SUVS. They have a decent amount of cargo space yet are still easy to drive around busier sections of Marion OH. Come in and enjoy your pick of the pack!

Used Toyota's that hold their value

Toyota has a long and reputable history, and thus these models do a great job holding their values. Some of the best are the three-row Toyota Highlander, the off-roading Toyota 4Runner SUV for when you want to get away from Lexington OH roads, and the Toyota Sienna minivan for families who want to maximize flexibility and versatility.

Retired used Toyota's

Not all Toyota models stick around forever, so if there's one that's no longer part of the new vehicle lineup, there's a chance you can find it used. One of our favorites is the used Toyota Venza, and it regularly makes its way onto "must buy" lists for pre-owned models. People are drawn to this retired ride because of the strong V6 engine and capable handling that makes Mount Vernon OH drives a dream, the spacious cabin, and the list of features.

If you're ready to save, stop in this week to test drive a used Toyota and see our used vehicle specials for even easier financing.

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