Winter is on our doorstep here in Mansfield, OH, and that means wind, snow, ice and other challenging winter elements are coming as well. As these road-going challenges approach, it's smart to prepare your vehicle accordingly. Here are a few of our top recommended services to address before winter arrives in force.

  • Check Antifreeze: Antifreeze and engine coolant are one and the same -- the fluid helps to maintain ideal engine operating temperatures during extreme weather. Antifreeze is quite important for keeping your engine running healthy during winter months. If its low, now is the time to top it off.
  • Tires Inspection: There's hardly anything worse than driving through snow and ice with bald tires. Now is a great time to make sure there's still plenty of tread left for the cold months ahead. If not, it may be time to buy a new set.
  • Install All-Weather Floor Mats: This easy installation adds extra convenience, protecting carpet and upholstery from the grime of winter. Whether its road salt, mud, or water, you can clean off the winter muck with ease.
  • Install Fresh Wiper Blades: Sleet, rain, and snow are common throughout the areas near Wooster and Ashland, OH. If your wiper blades are toast, you may have a hard time maintaining visibility on the road. We recommend double checking to make sure that they're ready to go.
  • Check Your Battery: No one wants to get stranded during freezing temperatures. Have your battery checked ahead of time so that you can feel confident that your car will start when you need to get back to your warm home in Marion, OH or Mount Vernon, OH.

Contact our service center staff when you're ready to start preparing your vehicle for winter weather. We'll schedule a convenient appointment so you can address any necessary maintenance.

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