Most Mansfield, OH drivers know that delaying an oil change can cause damage to the engine, but putting off changing your oil can also void your new car warranty. Your owner's manual will list the kind of oil you'll need and the correct intervals between changes. Newer cars utilize mostly synthetic oils and incorporate efficiency designs that allow them a longer time between oil changes. The old standard used to be every 3,000 miles or so, but cars can now often go as much as 7,500 miles or more before their next oil change. If you're in the Lexington, OH area, we invite you to come on out to Graham Toyota for your next oil change service.

If you see any of the following, schedule your oil change right away:

  • Dark and/or dirty oil
  • Check oil light illuminated on your dash
  • High vehicle mileage
  • Exceeded manufacturer-recommended interval

The most obvious sign you need to change your oil will be the color of the oil itself. Instead of the clear, amber hue straight from the bottle, your oil will be black with dust and minuscule metal filings that are shed from engine parts. Your check oil light may also come on as a reminder. While it can be tempting to ignore an oil change if you haven't really driven your car outside of Wooster much, you'll notice that there's also a time-based guideline for how often to change your oil. This will come in handy even if you haven't accrued the number of miles necessary for one. This is because cars that aren't driven often fail to reach the engine temperature necessary to evaporate water vapor inside the engine. This water vapor can enter the oil itself, contributing to engine corrosion. Changing your oil every six months, even if you haven't driven your car around Ashland, OH that often, will avoid the conditions that cause corrosion to begin.

If your car is newer and has a long oil change interval, check it once a month or so to ensure the level remains in the required zone. If it falls, you may need to top it up from time to time. Let our mechanics bring their years of expertise to the care of your engine by scheduling your next oil change with us. You can make an appointment easily right online on our website or call us to schedule one at a time that's convenient for you. We proudly offer Toyota oil change services to drivers in the Marion, OH and Mount Vernon, OH region, so come on down to Graham Toyota today!

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